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About Me

I'm so happy you've stopped by my page.

Allow me to introduce myself...


My name is Simone Adams and I'm an advocate for self-care. But I haven't always been great at putting myself first. As the only daughter, a big sister, and a mother, I often play the role of caretaker in my family. I've also been the go-to friend, an overly-loyal employee, a successful entrepreneur, and the stranger who will listen to your story (yes, strangers often share intimate stories with me). I've juggled school and work and motherhood and a household. Through it all, writing in my journal kept me strong, but I felt worn thin. Eventually, the self-reflection that naturally happens while journaling allowed me to see that I needed to make self-care my FIRST priority so I could have the energy to take care of my other priorities. 

For more than a decade, I've guided people towards their desires through the art of journaling. I believe that a journal is a safe place to release your emotions and a sacred space to be your truest self. I've also written self-care articles and served as a self-care coach for those who are striving to rearrange their lives. 


Photo courtesy of Frances Neyra Claudio

Want to know more about me? 

I spent most of my life in Atlanta but took the past few years to explore new places in the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, and now the Blue Ridge Mountains. I'm a tomboy, an amateur kayaker, and an avid hiker. I'm learning to garden and wildcraft. I have a soft spot for individuals experiencing homelessness. My go-to literary genre is historical fiction and I have a generous collection of books. I'm a fan of the Oxford comma. I enjoy craft beer and a good whiskey. As long as I can hold a pen, I'll continue to write.

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