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My name is Simone Adams. I'm a writer, but moreover, I'm a storyteller. I'm attracted to the spirit of the story—intimate stories that reveal the soul of the people involved and move the reader. 


My writing typically focuses on underrepresented groups and stories we don't often talk about out loud—from homelessness to sex trafficking to menstruation. Yep, I said it: menstruation. My goal is to change the narrative, get people talking about age-old issues from a fresh perspective, and inspire my readers to think differently.

The bulk of my career has been in nonprofit, and many of the stories I've written have been about the people impacted by this work. I am always humbled when someone trusts me with their personal story. In return, I approach their story with respect and empathy. 


I hold a BS in Communications and an MFA in Writing. To view my resume, visit my LinkedIn profile. You can also read about my entrepreneurship journey on The Story Exchange. 

Want to know more about me? 

I spent most of my life in Atlanta but took the past few years to explore new places in the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, and now the Appalachian Mountains. I'm a tomboy, a foodie, an amateur photographer, and an avid hiker. I'm learning to garden and wildcraft. I have a soft spot for individuals experiencing homelessness. My go-to literary genre is historical fiction and I have a generous collection of books. I'm a fan of the Oxford comma. I enjoy craft beer and a good whiskey. As long as I can hold a pen, I'll continue to write.

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