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~Upcoming Workshops~
Intro to Journaling for Self-Care

This is a 90-minute introductory group workshop for anyone who has wanted to journal but doesn’t know where to begin, or those who used to journal and want to reintroduce the habit in their daily life. This course will ease anyone into the idea of journaling and explore how writing about your thoughts and life experiences can provide emotional and spiritual benefits.

Topics discussed include:

  • How to choose a journal

  • Benefits of journaling

  • How to make journaling a consistent practice

  • Journal writing exercises

Check back soon for upcoming dates, or email me directly to schedule a private virtual workshop for your group. The cost is $25 per person. 


This is a intimate one-on-one intuitive coaching series that involves dialogue, journaling, and self-awareness activities to heighten your personal power. This class is ideal for the empath or highly intuitive individual who is ready to activate her dreams. The series includes six 75-minute virtual coaching sessions (by phone or Zoom). Additional series can be added with a minimum two-week break between series. 

To be selected for this workshop series, email me directly. Include your name, email, phone number, and a one to two-paragraph introduction that will tell me more about you and how you hope to benefit from intuitive coaching. The cost for this coaching series is $475, or available on a sliding fee scale during the pandemic and resulting economic crisis. 

~Previous Workshops~
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